About Us

We are a multi-specialty health care center, providing a wide variety of personalized medical services. Over the years, the center has evolved to include Bariatric and Aesthetic Medicine. By targeting obesity, Lifestyle & Wellness Medical Center, is addressing one of the biggest epidemics in the United States. We now offer noninvasive cosmetic treatments and specialize in body contouring without surgery. Our physician, Dr. Tania, works hard to keep people healthy, while looking and feeling their best!

Our focus

Doctor supervised, non-surgical weight management. We are treating Obesity and raising awareness about self-care.  We have accepted the responsibility of providing our clients with the education, resources and tools so that they can help themselves.

Our goal

Establish a connection with our clients. This relationship is very important, we honor it, we nurture it. We believe that putting the emphasis back on patient care helps to restore the connections that are being lost throughout the healthcare industry.

We strive to provide, realistic, affordable health care and services.

Our Patients

Hearing from patients and families about their experience at the Lifestyle and Wellness Center makes us proud to work for you.

Our Partners

We have dedicated relationships with our partners to work hard for a common cause.